January 17, 2015

Basel Committee, Financial Stability Board: Hear hear… Tim Harford’s "The Power of saying ‘NO’"

Sir, hear hear… Tim Harford’s, “The Power of saying ‘no’”, January 17.

“Please, please, dear bank regulator, allow us lower equity requirements on these ultra safe exposures and we promise that will stay away from what’s risky”

Absolutely NOT! The real bank crises have always occurred when something ex ante was considered as “absolutely safe” so I will not run the risk of next time that happens, you will, because of me, stand there with your pants down and no equity. Copy: finance.historians@gmail.com

Absolutely NOT! If I allow this, then I will not be able to look into the eyes of all those small businesses and entrepreneurs, who will be denied credit as a result of favoring the AAArisktocracy; or into the eyes of all those young unemployed, who could become a lost generation if I did so. Copy: risky.borrowers@gmail.com unemployed.youth@gmail.com

PS. But, unfortunately, bank regulators did not have it in them to say “NO!” to bankers.