October 17, 2014

Ms. Gillian Tett, if anything, banks are even more dangerous than in 2008

Sir, because the incentives provided by the (credit) risk weighted capital (equity) requirements for banks remain in place, these still guarantee that banks will grow dangerously large exposures, against little capital, to whatever is considered to be “absolutely safe”, and very little exposures to what could be considered as “risky”

Yet Gillian Tett writes: “though the banking system may be safer than it was before 2008, parts of the markets may have become more dangerous for unwary investors”, “Markets are parched for liquidity despite a flood of cash” October 17.

No! Ms. Tett, the banking system is not safer than it was before 2008, if anything, it is even more dangerous… even for wary investors.

Ms. Tett I know you are an anthropologist, and you therefore perhaps not know too much about finance, but, ask your financial advisor about the medium and long term safety of a portfolio that avoids taking any risks… ask him if for instance diversification is a good thing… and then extrapolate his answer to the banks, and to the chances of our young not becoming a lost generation.