October 28, 2014

FT, look at the fine print of the stress tests of European banks before drawing optimistic conclusions

Sir, you write: “In 2012 the Eurozone through a near death experience… Banks were heavily invested in the debt to governments, which in turn were meant to guarantee to solvency of the same banks”… and now you hold that “this week, [because of the stress tests] has finally provided an example of some encouraging progress”, “Better way to check the health of Europe’s banks” October 28.

What if banks came out better in these stress tests, only because they were invested even more heavily into those government debts against which they are not required to hold any capital/equity? Would that change your perception on “encouraging progress”?

PS. You now want the Asset Quality Review to be repeated annually. If you were one of the consultants making a great living on that I could understand it...  but let me ask you... have you ever thought about how much of our economies and of our well being is driven by sheer blissful ignorance?