March 26, 2014

Perhaps Otmar Issing should lower the volume of his preaching to Europe.

Sir, in much I agree with what Otmar Issing writes in “Get your finances in order and stop blaming Germany”, March 26, though perhaps he might not be the best suited to be doing the preaching.

As a former chief economist of ECB Issing should have known that: allowing German banks to lend too much to for instance Spain and Italy, against zero capital, and affecting those German small businesses who do not get credit because when lending to them German banks do need to hold much capital; and which later might cause German bank busts which hurt German taxpayers, could be said being disguised transfers from Germans to Spain and Italy.

When Otmar Issing ends stating “The Eurozone did not fall into a crisis because the initial rules were flawed” he should not forget how flawed bank regulations became, are.

Otmar Issing, for your benefit, here´s an aide-mémoire… Who did the Eurozone in?