March 26, 2014

If Europe (and America) does not free itself from runaway control freaks… game´s over.

Sir, John Kay writes “Regulators will get the blame for the stupidity of crowds” March 26 though what is most urgent in the Western world, so that accountability would mean something is that regulators should be blamed for their own stupidity.

Kay writes “Naivety is as much of a problem as criminality. Most businesses plans read persuasively- until…” Indeed, but rarely have we seen something as naïve as bank regulators who thought and still think that with their trick of risk-weighing the capital requirements, they could produce safe banks without producing dangerous negative ripples in the real economy.

Kay writes about concerns “about the availability of funds to small and medium sized businesses” and holds “The flow of intermediation is blocked by the debris of bank failures”. Wrong! That flow of intermediation of funds is primarily blocked by the fact that regulators require banks to hold more capital against it than against the flow of funds to for instance the “infallible” sovereigns or to the AAAristocracy.

Kay concludes mentioning that there were some institutions which provided “the new P2P lending and equity crowdfunding services… They were called banks.” But, instead of begging for banks to return to what they were, he calls for the regulators to make sure that what´s new should be “operating in a more closely regulated environment”. Frankly!

Let me phrase it the following way. Every time a bank credit in Europe (or America or anywhere else) is not given to a small and medium sized business, only because these cannot provide the banks with a competitive return on equity as a result of higher capital requirements, a door, behind which we could find the luck needed to power our future, has been shut.