January 14, 2014

If some tiny tapering creates much hullabaloo, can you imagine if the Fed would try to soak QEs up?

Sir, Avinash Persaud argues “central bankers need… a better understanding of what their bond-buying has achieved”, “An expensive way to speak truth to financial markets” January 14.

Absolutely! From all what we read central bankers do not understand yet that those “Cash balances… trapped in a broken system”, are a direct consequence of capital requirements for banks which do not allow for liquidity to go to where it is most needed in the real economy, namely to finance “risky” medium and small businesses, entrepreneurs and start ups.

I fully agree with Persaud in that the first QE could be explained, and even justified, based on the need “to unfreeze markets that were close to seizing up”… but, from there on, no way Jose!

If the distortion produced by the current risk-weighting of bank regulations is not eliminated, so that the invisible hand of the market can resume operations, can you imagine what would happen if the Fed would even try to soak QEs up, I mean with so much hullabaloo already resulting from some tiny tapering?