June 16, 2012

Mr. Sir Mervyn King and Mr. George Osborne, here is a much better proposal!

Sir I refer to Martin Wolf’s “We should not pin our hopes on Britain’s plan A-plus” June 16. 

Why should not those not creditworthy who want to borrow not be allowed to compete for access to bank credit on the same regulatory terms than those who are creditworthy but do not want to borrow? That is a question that Martin Wolf should try one day to answer, as currently the banks are required to hold more capital when lending to the risky than when lending to the not risky. 

This issue of discriminatory bank capital requirements is ignored over and over again, by those who feebly believe, even after all current evidence against such nonsense, that the best thing to do is to make sure that already risk adverse bankers avoid taking any ex ante deemed high risks. It is truly sad to see what a brave society can reduce itself to, when it allows its nannies to reign supremely. 

Instead of a temporary banking funding scheme such as is proposed by Mervyn King and or George Osborne I propose that regulators urgently calculate any individual bank´s capital to total assets ratio, and ask for it to apply a capital requirement that increases ever so slightly on any new asset it acquires… until reaching some basic goal. That way they would be able to put the banks on a stronger footing to lend, with much less distortion.