June 29, 2012

And what about conceit in journalism?

Sir, Gillian Tett writes correctly that “Libor affair exposes big conceit at the heart of banking” June 29, but there might equally be some big conceit going on at the heart of journalism. 

Two questions: What is the most important dollar reference rate… the risk free US Treasury rate or Libor? And, who has effectively manipulated those rates the most, Barclays the Libor rate, or the bank regulators the US Treasury rate by means of allowing the banks to hold these instruments with less capital than other assets? 

Clearly, in terms of its significance, the manipulation of the US Treasury “risk free” rate has been much more significant than whatever Barclays can have done to Libor but that, Gillian and her colleagues at FT decided to ignore, with much conceit.

Should not an anthropologist be about the most humble of all professionals?