July 01, 2009

There is regulatory financial protectionism of what is seemed as having a lower risk

Sir John Plender writes “Protectionism is coming at us from all directions” July 1 but fails to mention that financial protectionism that has been around for just a couple of years and that discriminates among lenders. On top of what the market charges for risks an unrated borrower has to pay for the cost of the bank having to put up 8 percent in capital while a triple A rated company gets away with the cost of only 1.6 percent. And then we ask why do inequalities grow?

Has this financial protectionism served us well? Absolutely not! I have even read Nobel-prize winning economist who though standing in front the monumental losses derived from financing the safest assets, houses, in the supposedly safest country, the US, and in instruments that carried the best credit ratings, still describe our current crisis as having originated by excessive risk taking. Ridiculous, they are either intellectually lazy or they have no idea of what they are talking about. It should be crystal clear that this crisis resulted from of an excessively misguided risk-adverseness and which got a tremendous boost from the regulators protecting what should not be protected.