March 21, 2009

The world has a serious shortage of elites.

Sir at long last we might now be starting to debate what should have been debated all the time namely how to ensure true accountability and true good governance that ensures that our human endeavors lead us to a better tomorrow instead of having us all sign up as baby-boomers on a Après nous le déluge.

Jessica Einhorn in “Corporate governance without a hint of systemic surveillance” begins putting her finger on important pieces of said debate pointing out that “few corporate managers today are permitted the luxury of thinking about long-term returns for their ever changing cast of investors”, “that regulatory activist… have special interests and they do act to further them through initiatives in corporate governance” and “that we need to hold our public officials accountable for thinking through systemic issues”.

Could the glue that help us overcome the above mentioned challenges be found anywhere else than in an enlightened elite of families capable of including all humans as heirs? I do not think so!