March 17, 2009

Europe, hand over two chairs, immediately, no discussions

Sir Trevor Manuel in his commendable, timely and important “Let fairness triumph over corporate profit” March 17, asks several “Can we…?” and to these our only answer can be “yes, we have no choice”. That is if we want to live in a reasonably peaceful world that is if we want to have a chance to adjust to the environmental and energy related dangers that lurk around the corner.

This article, like last week’s Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s “The future of human beings is what matters”, evidences clearly why Europe needs to surrender to the rest of the world at least two of the chairs it occupies at the World Bank and the IMF. Immediately! No discussions!

That said I would have preferred to see Trevor Manuel’s article titled as “Let reason triumph over corporate greed” and I have an inkling that so would he.