October 01, 2018

Polarization profiteering trumps all efforts to bridge the divides.

Sir, Simon Kuper discussing the possibilities that “British and US liberals” (whatever that nowadays really means) could become “politically sidelined”, informs us of “Liberal NGOs raise fortunes” “Have we hit peak liberal resistance?” September 30.

To get a donation one used to have to place an ad, invest in a phone call or a stamp, or make a personal visit. Now on the web, one can make a million donation requests, at zero marginal costs. 

That has empowered polarization profiteers potential profits so much that they are taking over the debates and thereby, hopefully unwittingly, taking down our society.

The more they sell themselves, or the champion they support, as the greatest champion to oppose the evilest devil they can find, the higher their donation profits… just like the most outrageous fake news attracts the largest number of ad-clicks.

As a consequence, liberals are now being politically sideline by those who, supposedly supporting them, are more interested in the short-term profits than in any other aspect of liberalism.

True liberals working for a better world, should not play along.