February 19, 2018

Easing it for some bureaucrats, like with munis, does mean, de facto, making it harder for other, like entrepreneurs and SMEs

Sir, John Dizard writes “a bipartisan bank regulation reform bill that has passed a crucial Senate committee would require the entire federal regulatory apparatus to loosen the restrictions on counting munis as part of the high-quality liquid assets pool, and reduce the capital charges on holding muni positions.” “Vix horror show will not deter future suckers” February 19.

Sir, that would lead to more demand for munis, so that local bureaucrats can decide what to do with even more funds derived from debts our grandchildren will have to pay; which will naturally lead to less bank credit for those entrepreneurs and SMEs that could help our grandchildren to access jobs and revenues streams that could assist them in repaying these munis... and having a life. Great bipartisan job Senators!