January 06, 2018

What if workplace distractions were considered part of consumption instead of part production?

Sir, Tim Harford, who has blocked me on Twitter writes: “Bank of England’s unofficial blog…compared plunging productivity with the soaring shipments of smartphones. Typical productivity growth in advanced economies had hovered steadily around 1 per cent a year for several decades, but has on average been negative since 2007. That was the year the iPhone started to ship.” “Computers are making generalists of us all”, December 6.

That iPhone and many of its close or distant cousins, cause a lot of distractions. If that time distracted was classified not as time of production but as time of consumption, and outputs remain fairly the same, would that not point at much higher productivity and much higher real salaries?


PS. Harford writes here also a lot about Power Point presentations. Here my long ago take on it