November 14, 2017

For Britain’s and EU’s sake, Brexit negotiations should not be left exclusively in hands of Leavers and Brusselites.

Sir, most of the opinions on Brexit I have read in FT over the last year, seem to me have more to do with Remainers wanting it to turn out so bad so they can gorge on the “we told you so”, than with making the best out of something difficult.

In the same vein, on EU’s side, it seems to me that the Brusselites want to negotiate more in order to satisfy their by Brexit vote hurt egos, than with making the best out of something difficult.

Janan Ganesh writes in “The real saboteurs of Brexit are its own amateur leaders” November 14. So, if Leavers do not have what’s needed to negotiate Brexit well, as, that does not exculpate the Remainers from helping out in any which way they can… (or move out of Britain)

Gideon Rachman writes in namely: “Imposing a humiliating settlement on Britain might even seem economically advantageous. But the long term political and strategic consequences of a bitter Brexit are much harder to calculate.” “Britain is at the mercy of Brussels” November 14. And so, in a similar vein, the Brusselites need to be continuously reminded of that they could also be hold accountable for a bad Brexit.

If I were a British national and a Remainer, the first thing I would do is to launch a campaign messaging the following:

“Europeans since Britain will remain close to you… and since you could be next, it behooves you to keep an eye on your Brusselites so that Brexit goes well for all of us. The last thing we need in Europe at this moment is a neo-Versailles treaty.”

PS. As a Polish citizen, I would argue: “Brusselites, remember that many of us in EU have more in common with Britain than with some of our other Europeans”