September 28, 2017

You redistribution profiteers: There’s very little cash in “cash”; and wealth is mostly just frozen purchasing power

Sir, Eric Platt writes about “the lack of detail…typical of the 30 large US-domiciled companies analysed by the FT that hold more than $10bn of cash and other securities on their balance sheets”, “Patchy disclosure gives investors little to chew on” September 28.

The article should help to indicate to you how little real cash there really is in all that cash to which so many, time after time, including FT, have referred to in terms of that it should be repatriated, so as to put to better use.

As we can see, the fact is that most of the $262bn of cash and cash equivalent held by Apple has already been deployed, one way or another; which means that even if Apple does not use it for its own purposes, that does not mean it is not being used by others for other purposes.

Sir, the whole very valid debate about offshore wealth and growing inequality, would be greatly sanitized by the acceptance of the facts that there is very little cash in “cash”; and that wealth is mostly just frozen purchasing power.

Perhaps then we would also be allowed to discuss such political incorrect issues such as what assets would not exist but because of great wealth and great inequalities.

Then perhaps we could at last focus more on the much more important cause of fighting unproductive unequal wealth creation, than about how to getting our hands on wealth after it has been created.

Unfortunately the redistribution profiteers, those who need to instigate hate against wealth and inequality in order to maximize the value of their franchise, will fight tooth and nails in order to stop such debate taking place.