June 29, 2017

Financial Conduct Authority dare go after the Great Financial Distorters, your hubristic bank regulating colleagues

Sir, Madison Marriage, Peter Smith and Caroline Binham, reporting on the Financial Conduct Authority’s FCA work on investment managers write that: “tougher measures come as regulators and policymakers are turning their attention from banks to other parts of the financial system that could pose future risks.” “UK financial regulator lifts bar to create one of the toughest investment regimes” June 29.

Yes, but the part of the financial system that poses the most important current and future risks, are the regulators who with their risk-weighted capital requirements for banks, horribly distort the vital allocation of bank credit to the real economy.

Come on FCA, don’t waste time on the small guys, dare go after the big ones, even if they are your colleagues.

PS. FCA, suppose ALL Investment Managers behaved exactly they are supposed to do: Would that create less inequality? Would that represent more or less of a systemic risk?

PS. FCA, how can you help us have the wealthy 1% fall into the hands of really lousy investment managers, so as to fight inequality? :-)