May 24, 2017

With current bank regulations a pervasive drop in economic dynamism should come as no surprise

Sir, Sam Fleming writes: “The US has seen a pervasive drop in economic dynamism in every one of its states since the early 1990s as new business formation sinks and workers move jobs less frequently, according to research that underscores the challenges in restoring entrepreneurial verve.” “Fall in US dynamism underlines Trump challenges” May 24.

How could that not be? Since 1988, our banks are in hand of regulators who decided that, in order to make banks safer, it would be better for these to finance home ownership, which can somewhat reduce mobility, and to avoid financing the risky, such as SMEs and entrepreneurs, those number one economic dynamism providers.

It amazes me how so few understand the distortion in the allocation of bank credit to the real economy that the risk weighted capital requirements cause. The day the world wakes up to that fact, the regulators will have a lot of explaining to do… perhaps even in front of International Courts of Justice.