April 05, 2017

The biggest “problem” with a Universal Basic Income is that it leaves many redistribution profiteers without jobs ☺

Sir, Diane Coyle from the University of Manchester, with respect to a Universal Basic Income writes: “it is hard to see that a Universal Basic Income would do better at addressing the economic and social costs of large-scale redundancy than the previous policy of making payments to those who lost their jobs. “Universal basic services are more important than income” April 5.

But suppose this prayer was read next Sunday in all our churches: “For all our young people who are never going to get a job, we pray they feel worthy citizens. Lord, hear our prayer”. 

Would then Professor Coyle still believe that a payment under the dole system is a better option than a Universal Basic Income?

There’s a choice to be made. Either a system with flexible accessible humiliating dole payments handed out by besserwissing redistribution profiteers, or a UBI complemented by strict, very limited, supplementary payments to those of working age with special problems. I have no doubts which one I would choose.

PS. As always I signify that the needs of children and of those who have retired are to be met separately.