March 03, 2017

Why does Gillian Tett insist in that bank regulators are doing such a splendid job so that they should stay on?

Sir, Gillian Tett, horrorized at the possibility, writes “consider what might happen to credit guidelines and stress tests if the White House puts pro-finance, anti-deregulation officials into the four Fed governor positions that will come vacant in the next couple of years” “Trump’s stealthy deregulation delights business” March 3.

Yes what could happen? If Trump helps to squeeze in some regulators who know that what is perceived as safe is much more dangerous for the banking system than what is perceived as risky; and would therefore not assign those loony risk-weights of 20% to what is AAA to AA rated and 150% to what is rated below BB-, we could only be better off.

If Trump help squeeze in some regulators who do not possess such statist agenda so as to risk weigh the Sovereign at 0% and We the People at 100%, we could only be better off.

If Trump help squeeze in some regulators who, when stress-testing banks, are also interested in looking at what should have been on banks’ balance sheets and is not, like loans to SMEs and entrepreneurs, we could only be better off.

Sir, Ms. Tett, and you too, should ask yourselves whether regulators have performed adequately their fiduciary responsibilities of doing no harm? As I see it, they have caused a crisis, caused stagnation and helped to create greater inequality.

With failed regulators like these, there is nothing better than real de-regulation.