July 30, 2016

We do not believe that the Venezuelan military can contemplate sending their compatriots to the starvation ovens.

My deceased father arrived on the first train to Auschwitz in 1940 as a Polish prisoner, and had number 245 tattooed on his arm. Freed in 1945 by the Americans, in 1947 he moved to Venezuela where he lived for over 30 years, worshipping that country all his life. And now I find Andres Schipani’s “Venezuela army tightens grip as food riots grow”, July 30, coincidentally published next to an AP brief “Silent pilgrim” and that reports on a visit of Pope Francis to Auschwitz.

And so I just must say the following Sir: My father would never ever have believed, as neither do I believe, that the Venezuelan military are capable of sending their compatriots to the starvation ovens. And, in this respect, we would both firmly believe that something has to happens to put a stop to the runaway craziness of the current Venezuelan realities, more sooner than later.

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