May 13, 2016

Who buy 50-year and negative yield bonds? Those who are not to be held too much accountable in the short term?

Elaine Moore writes that “Spain lures investors with 50-year bond” and Eric Platt in “Munis welcome the world’s yield starved” of May 13, writes about almost $10tn of bonds globally carrying negative yields”.

Who are those buying 50-year and negative yield bonds? Have those buyers anything to do with ordinary investors, like you and me Sir? Are we really talking about investors needing yields because they hurt in their own pockets or are these investors managing other not clearly defined peoples money, like pension funds, with the push comes to shove moment so far away they do not feel too much accountable to anyone, now.

Sir, in order to gauge the market better we might very well need to have the market data refined based on the type of investors.

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