March 14, 2015

Gillian Tett should indeed try to write more as an anthropologist than as a financial expert.

Sir, Gillian Tett, as an anthropologist who believes “that discipline to be woefully underappreciated”, applauds Ford “hiring a group of social scientist… to study the culture of modern carmaking”, “The drive to make a more humane car” March 14.

Great idea! That would at least give me some comfort that if automobile engineers were so dumb so as to design a car that would rev up especially fast, whenever the driver perceived everything as safe, and slow it down more than normal, whenever drivers thought it to be risky, an anthropologist would probably inform him that was a very bad idea.

Like they would equally consider it to be a bad idea to have both a driver learner and his instructor driving simultaneously a car with two driving wheels.

But of course these social scientists must have enough character to speak up and not be blinded in awe by car engineers’ supposed expertise.

For instance I wish Ms Tett hade believed more in herself as an anthropologist, so as to speak out against those risk adverse bank regulations that have us and our banks, driving fast off the road of prosperity.