December 31, 2014

Stress testing of banks should foremost test whether these serve the real needs of the real economy.

Sir, I refer to your “Stress testing should not just apply to the banks” December 31.

In it you argue that “Regulators need a holistic approach to risk in the financial system” and therefore they should also include “the non-banks that are playing an increasingly important role in supporting the economy” so that “the world can be confident that the process of making banks safer is not simply shifting risk elsewhere”.

And again Sir, you totally ignore what is the biggest risk with a financial system, namely that it does not allocate bank credit adequately for the needs of the real economy. Again you seem to imply there is a possibility of having save banks standing there in shiny armor in the midst of the rubbles of the real economy… and of that being a worthy goal to pursue.

No Sir! The stress testing of banks we most need now, starts with ascertaining whether our risky small businesses and entrepreneurs are having fair access to bank credit. The stress testing of banks we most need now, should foremost test whether banks are serving the real needs of the real economy.

PS. As I have told you more than a hundred times, banks are not doing that, thanks to our stupid bank regulators... so perhaps they do not dare to stress-test their own mistakes.