August 19, 2014

How long are individual countries to accept that risk-weighting capital requirements bullshit from the Basel Committee?

Sir, John Plender writes that “In the eurozone the banking system has become increasingly fragmented… [and that] The new parochialism is reflected in the way European governments have been encouraging banks to shrink their balance sheets while simultaneously demanding that they lend mote to domestic small business” “A threat to prosperity if the world cuts the ties that binds” August 19.

Not sure Plender has got the title right… because the global bank regulation, the “ties that bind”, that are coming out of the Basel Committee imply that the local banks are better off lending to any far away infallible sovereign, or any far away member of the AAA-ristocracy, than lending to their local medium and small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups… and, sincerely, that does not sound right... for prosperity!