July 03, 2014

I’ll sue Facebook if it makes me sad

From Mr Per Kurowski.

Sir, I refer to John Gapper’s article “We are the product that Facebook has been testing” (July 2), about the research Facebook has been carrying out on whether our feelings can be influenced. I find that research to be absolutely great news!

Now Facebook, without us having to spend one penny on it, has with its own money conducted the research that proves conclusively that it needs to be controlled. And, to top it all off, it already confessed the motives and intentions of what it was up to. And what’s more, it did so, as Mr Gapper says, without really seeking anyone’s consent. Had it done so, its confessions would not have been half as useful.

But since that research might also open a window in how Facebook could branch out in the future by offering one Happy-Facebook, one Sad-Facebook and one Slightly-dull-neutral-Facebook, let me hereby formally notify Facebook that I want to be happy, and if it makes me sad I will sue it into oblivion!

By the way, at what point could Facebook be labelled a stalker?