May 16, 2014

What so hard to understand about Venezuela´s woes?

Sir, John Paul Rathbone writes “For many outsiders and for many insiders too, Venezuela is maddening hard to understand”, “Latin America´s trust-fund kid needs a reality check” May 16.

What is so hard to understand about that? When an oil income that should represent a monthly check of about US$ 200 for each of the 29 million Venezuelans, is handed over to a trustee who acts as it was his income and decides with some very few assistants on what to do with all of it, something is bound to go wrong.

Or does he imply that Obama, Cameron or Merkel would be able to efficiently decide upon the use of over 97 percent of all USA´s, UK´s or Germany´s exports? Or that their respective democracies would remain the same if concentrating so much power in their hands? I don´t think so!

What is truly hard to understand though, to the point of being surrealistic, is how they insist in that changing the trustee will do it, and not in changing the system, by handing each Venezuelan their God sent natural resource dividend.