September 05, 2013

“Inalienable sovereign rights” is most often just a wonderful exploitable excuse to screw your own citizens

Sir, François Heisbourg writes “It is clear… that the new great powers, including a reinvigorated Russia are deeply averse to interference in what they see as inalienable sovereign rights – an attitude explained in many instances by their former colonial or dependent status”, “The west is accelerating its own strategic decline”, September 5.

I think there is a need for a clarification. 99 percent, at least, of the demand for the respect of inalienable sovereign rights, comes from those wanting to use that as a shelter in order to violate what should be the even much more inalienable human and economic and democratic rights of their citizens.
To oversell the importance of “inalienable sovereign rights” is only to play into the hands of dictatorships, even those who dressed up as popular democracies, are quite often, de facto, nothing but dictatorships.