June 15, 2013

Here are two wicked questions for Gillian Tett on the Math and physics vs. English and history debate.

Sir, Gillian Tett, with a lot of good reasons and arguments, raises the issue of whether it is good for America that fewer students opt for, let us say harder science subjects and settle for, let us say easier English and history courses, “A need to change the subjects of desire” June 15. This is a really difficult topic and to prove here are two wicked questions for the debate:

If there were too many Americans studying science and therefore too many American scientists could be out of work, could that not provoke the kind of protectionist actions which could lead perhaps for some of the best scientists in the world not being able to get to America?

In terms of keeping the society strong, united and peaceful, what courses would you prefer that a forever-unemployed had taken…English or physics?