March 04, 2013

Our bank regulators, if energy regulators, they would subsidize oil, and tax methanol and ethanol

Sir, there are two comments that I want to make in reference to Robert McFarlane’s and George Olah’s “Let the market determine the best energy sources”, March 4.

The first is that since OPEC is cast as a runaway producer cartel that distorts the market, it is again timely to remind the authors that in Europe, by means of taxes on petrol-gasoline consumption, the European taxman gets more income per barrel of oil than the OPEC members who sacrifice this non-renewable resource.

Secondly, because they argue their case so well, I would like to ask for their support on the issue of bank regulations. Currently bank regulators, by allowing banks to hold much less capital when lending to “The Infallible” than when lending to “The Risky” are, in terms of energy, subsidizing oil and taxing methanol and ethanol, and that is of course pure lunacy.