September 16, 2012

If a new QE is politically mistimed I do not know, but it sure is still economically mistimed

Sir, I refer to your “Bernanke’s latest round of easing”, September 16, where you comment on Romney arguing on Bernanke bailing politically out Obama. 

I do not know if this latest QE is mistimed because of political reason, I do not really care about that, but what I do know, is that not only the latest but the all the former QEs, and fiscal stimulus too, have been mistimed because of economic reasons. 

Having had frequent experiences in workouts, I know you do not inject any fresh funds into any failed project, until you at least believe you have made the changes required for its success. And, as far as I know, central banks and governments, confronting the crisis begun in 2007, have been wasting away immense monetary and fiscal spaces, like if there was no tomorrow, without imposing any sort of changes in then economy. 

As an absolute minimum, central banks and governments should have eliminated those ridicule regulations that make it so hard and expensive for those perceived as “risky” to access bank credit, like the small businesses and entrepreneurs… precisely those who generates the jobs that Bernanke now says he cares so much about.