August 18, 2010

What have the SMEs done to you?

Sir, what have those being perceived as more risky, like the SMEs, ever done to you, for you to agree with the financial regulators they should be discriminated against by generating higher capital requirements for the banks when they are lent funds?

Don’t you know that there is no risk of excessive investments in what is perceived as risky, like the SMEs, since that risk is taken care of by the sole perception that a risk exists. There is though always a risk of excessive investments in what is perceived as not risky, because that is precisely a risk that the perception of no risk creates.

Therefore requiring the banks to hold higher capital requirements when the perceived risks are higher is just a stupid argument ably exploited by those who just want to lower the capital requirements for banks when these lend to them.

The market already discriminates against perceived risk by charging higher risk premiums. Therefore, for regulators to put on an additional layer of discrimination against higher perceived risk by requiring the banks to hold more capital for what is perceived as risky is as wrong as it can be.

To eliminate the capital requirements based on risks will not signify a subsidy of any sort to the SMEs, what it signifies is the elimination of an onerous discrimination against the SMEs.