May 14, 2010

The conventionals scorched the earth but still reign!

Sir again Martin Wolf in “The economic legacy of Mr Brown” May 14 refers to a “light touch” [financial] regulatory regime. I object, never before has there been such a heavy handed intervention as when the regulators created huge incentives, by means of ridiculous low capital requirements, to lend to anything related to a triple-A, and in effect subsidizing risk adverseness to such an extent that markets followed fake-triple-As into disaster.

Also Martin Wolf repeats several times the correct assessment that one of Mr. Brown’s faults was to follow too much the conventional wisdom. Not only do I find it difficult to put what happened in relation to any “wisdom” but I also believe it would have been more elegant for Wolf to acknowledge that, from his own high pedestal in the Financial Times, he himself has been an important feeder of those conventions.

The worst though is that, with or without Mr Brown, the conventionals still reign... suffices to see how the Financial Stability Board is digging us even deeper in the hole.