March 25, 2010

The resource cursed citizens merit more sympathy and respect

Sir, you have published some quite thoughtful articles on the resource curse lately but, though I tried hard, I could not find one single valid argument why the “Resource wealth need no longer be a curse” in the article by Mats Berdal and Nader Mousavizadeh published on March 25.

The resource curse have millions of people suffering horrors so it is somewhat upsetting to see it being taken as lightly as some acne that could disappear if only instead on private investors it is governments like China or other similar hopefully western states” are to invest in natural resources with long-term commitments dubbed “macro-finance”... resource curse exploiters are just what they usually end up being.

The resource curse is a cancer, for so many... and you just do not go around speaking lightly and self-servingly about easy cures to cancer. Please the resourced cursed citizens merit more sympathy and respect.