November 30, 2009

In a world with reduced lebensraum it might be time for the Dollar II

Sir Jeffrey Gartner tells us “We must get ready for a weak-dollar world” November 30. It sounds like wishful thinking since what we need to get ready for is for a weak world, since it looks like the business model of most countries is out of synch with so many realities, among others the diminishing lebensraum that energy scarcity and environmental threats are signalling.

Also, when Gartner writes about a multi-currency framework as an alternative to the dollar, but says that”this regime will take time to devise” this is just another way of ignoring that, if we do not want to use gold, the only alternative to the dollar, for the time being, is the dollar II, to which the old baby-boomer dollars can be converted at a rate of ??? The dollar II would be a more transparent and perhaps even less socially traumatic than that of “camouflage a slow-motion default” by means of inflation.

What a world! A citizen admonishing monetary authorities “to meet secretly”, “perhaps between Christmas and New Year, to start discussions... (to avoid spooking the markets)” Has Gartner not heard about gate-crashers, twitter and facebook?