May 19, 2009

How long do you intend to play this charade?

Sir day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year the Financial Times indicates the currency rate of Venezuela 2.1473 Bolívar Fuerte per Dollar and provides the additional vital footnote of “New Venezuelan Bolívar Fuerte introduced on Jan 1st 2008. Currency redenominated by 1000.”

Are you not aware that this currency rate in that it does not by far reflect the FX rate that applies to the whole Venezuelan economy is totally fictitious. That is has been fixed there since February 2003 and that those not favoured by having the government receive their Bolivar Fuerte in order to convert them into dollars, need currently to use at least 3 times as many Bolívar Fuerte to get a dollar.

For how long does FT play along in this charade of the Venezuelan government? If you want to put an end to it I suppose you have two alternatives the first to simultaneously publish an estimate of the rate in the unofficial market, which would provide your readers with more information, and the second not to publish any rate at all.