March 27, 2009

A wanted safe haven is not the same as a wanted permanent home.

Sir Michael Mackenzie reports on “Concern at size of debt auctions” March 27, and of course they should be very concerned as so much of the current plans of helping the economy recover hinges on the possibilities of finding buyers for the US treasury bonds.

As I have often repeated the danger is that US confounds the eagerness of markets in finding a temporary safe-haven with a willingness of capitals finding a new permanent home in the US and that is as we all should know a totally different animal.

Also there is a clear and present danger in not being able to access the real market signals since the current rates out there have nothing to do with the rates required if the Fed was not doing so much buying. In some ways it is like a bank participating in buying some securities in order to make the harsh mark-to-market truth easier to digest. It only works over a short period of time.