December 03, 2018

If elites do not socially sanction those they should sanction, there’ll be no society left to sanction.

Sir, Laura Noonan writes “Goldman Sachs is considering a special surveillance programme to monitor higher-risk employees in far-flung locations so the bank can demonstrate that “lessons have been learnt” from the 1MDB scandal” “Goldman eyes monitoring of high-risk staff after 1MDB”, December 3.

Great, but they should also monitor high-risk bosses in home office locations, like Mr. Lloyd Blankfein. And I here refer to that lending by him and Goldman Sachs to a notoriously inept, notoriously corrupt, notoriously human rights violating regime of Venezuela’s Maduro.

Do I want Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein to be punished by the justice? No! I much prefer the elite; universities, media among others should do that, shaming him, by socially sanctioning him, by for instance not inviting him to anything.

Sir, do not give Lloyd Blankfein, or an unrepentant Goldman Sachs, one inch more of space in the Financial Times, they do not deserve it.

PS. To this date Lloyd Blankfein has not been able to find in himself to utter the slightest “I’m sorry Venezuelans”.