June 10, 2016

As a Venezuelan, I would sure like to know who those financing those who are destroying my country are

Sir, Elaine Moore and Andres Schipani report “Venezuela keeps paying foreign lenders despite blackouts and food queue riots” May 10.

But, when considering all that is going on in Venezuela, why should its creditors be treated with such neutral anonymity? Who are they? Is it okay for them whatever the nation does, as long as they get their high interest rates?

I am not implying there is something similar horrible going on in Venezuela, but are these investors who could for instance finance cremation ovens in Auschwitz, without blinking their eyes, as long as the price was right?

If you finance someone who is committing human rights violations, does that not make you an accomplice? And don’t tell me these lenders, in today’s globalized world, are innocently unaware of what is happening in Venezuela,

As a Venezuelan I would sure like to know who those financing those who are destroying my land are. I am by no means saying they are all the same. Many of them might have lent money to the revolution when things though bad seemed more normal. But most of all I would like to know if among them are some of the vultures that already had by other means been eating of what soon seems to become a carcass of a nation… and now want to have another last bite.

The world’s governments might urgently need a Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism… but we citizens, we only really need it, if it comes together with a clear definition of what are odious public credits and what are odious public borrowings.

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