May 21, 2016

Though redistribution profiteers believe it and demagogues want you to believe it, there are no “huge piles of cash”

Sir, the word “cash” appears 8 times in Eric Platt’s “US tech cash pile soars to $504bn as groups seek to avoid tax hit on profits” May 21. And huge cash piles are referenced to in terms of “companies hoarding cash”. 

All as if it was some cash stacked away under some mattresses. Its not, there might not even be a single dime of cash; most and perhaps all of it has already been deployed to do something; it might be invested in shares or bonds, perhaps even in long-term municipal infrastructure bonds  J   

And so what should these “cash hoarders” that currently do not want to take investment risks do? 
Why do not bank regulators start with ending their risk-weighted capital requirements, those that effectively tell banks not to take risks but to keep it safe?

Sir, the truth is that legions of dumb redistribution profiteers searching for business opportunities, believe there are plenty of Ali Baba caves to be found.

And the problem is that demagogues and populists, like our Chavez and yours whoever, use that to further their own causes. FT, stop collaborating with them!

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