February 05, 2016

A Cloud should provide us with legally non-contestable statements of our investments, a nanosecond before a cyber-blackout.

Sir, I refer to Robin Wigglesworth “HFT chief warns of ‘hole’ in electronic system”, February 5.

Getting into the paperless, and the soon perhaps currency-less society, requires someone somehow to provide security for everyone… from the holder of a small savings account to the plutocrat with a billion-dollar portfolio.

I believe everyone would sleep better were they sure they had access to a legally non-contestable file that proved what assets they held since the last transaction recorded, and until that nanosecond before the horror of a blackout occurred.

Is that something a government should offer? They might contract it out, I don’t mind, but this is clearly among the security sovereigns should provide their citizens… although external auditing and extra guarantees would not be bad to have in the case of the so and so existing sovereigns… and in the case of the in waiting so and so sovereigns, which could, sooner or later, be all sovereigns.

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