December 17, 2015

What? “Historic gamble for Yellen as Fed makes quarter-point rise” Has the world gone bananas?

Sir, “a quarter-point increase in the target range for the federal funds rate to 0.25-0.5 percent”… and that is what you title a “Historic gamble for Yellen”? Unbelievable, it sounds like a something taken out of a Bird & Fortune sketch, or a Lilliput vs Blefuscu war.

Sam Fleming writes that the “Move comes amid lacklustre global growth”. Of course, as I have explained to FT in more than 2.000 letters, there is no way to achieve anything different than lackluster global growth, if you allow banks to earn much higher ROEs on assets perceived as safe than on assets perceived as risky. Risk-taking is the oxygen of any forward movement of the economy.

As is banks are mostly refinancing the safer past and safer houses, and staying away from financing the riskier future and job creation.

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