May 27, 2015

I refuse to believe in the Basel Committee’s nonsense of government bureaucrats using bank credit better than SMEs

Sir, you hold that “Bankers need to demonstrate that they know right from wrong”, “Regulation alone will not restore faith in markets”, May 27.

If you set the weight for the capital (equity) requirements for banks when lending to government at 0%, and at 100% when lending to SMEs, that means that banks will lend more and at lower relative rates to the government than to the SMEs. And that means de facto you believe that government bureaucrats are more productive using bank credit than SMEs.

Well, I refuse to believe that. I believe that if you believe something like that, you are either extremely dumb or a communist.

And I do believe that good non-distortive regulation alone will go a long way to restoring faith in markets.

But if you in FT insist on keeping mum on the fact that regulators are distorting and are manipulating the bank credit markets… I must ask: Sir Financial Times, do you know right from wrong?