March 04, 2015

FT, odious regulatory discrimination against “the risky” is described on you pages; yet you prefer to play dumb and ignore the issue.

Sir FT, amazingly, because it is not a good book, handed over the book of the year award to Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital in the 21st century’, arguing “it provoked a debate over inequality”.

And yet not a word about regulators who, with their credit risk weighted equity requirements for banks, odiously discriminate the access to fair bank credit of those perceived as “risky”, those already disfavored by bankers, while favoring that of those perceived as “safe”, those already favored by bankers.

Today Ben McLannahan reports that ”Citi is gravitating towards wealthier customers to whom it can offer more products, while holding less capital against them”, "Citi shrinks ’bad bank’ with $4.3bn sale of subprime lender to Springleaf.

Most probably, notwithstanding your motto, you will sweep this under the rug again.