July 16, 2014

Banks, tell me who your “absolutely infallible” are, and I will tell you who your “really risky” are.

Sir, Thomas Hale, Christopher Thompson and Josh Noble report on that “most major Chinese banks have existing Tier-1 capital adequacy ratios of at least 9.5 percent according to CLSA, meeting Basel III requirements”, “China financials lead EM debt sales” July 16.

What does that really mean? Which are the low-risk weight bank assets in China? For instance in the case of European banks these were AAA rated securities, mortgages in Spain and loans to infallible sovereigns like Greece.

For instance if we divide the risk weighted capital Tier-1 ratio of a bank by its un-weighted leverage ratio, then we have a better idea of how much could be hiding in the officially sanctioned safety… the fictitious safety ratio... the Basel Risk Ratio