May 02, 2014

What if by lottery some patents are yearly declared null, in order to keep the pharma industry on its toes?

Sir, David Shaywitz writes: “If the pharmaceuticals industry is to remain in the vanguard of science it will have to embrace a far leaner approach, with less bloated bureaucracy”, “Addiction to deals reveals the depth of pharma’s ill” May 2.

Is that really possible in an industry accustomed to working in the protective environment provided by patents? Is it not high time we see to that all that extra money we are asked to pay in order to reward inventions and stimulate new inventions go to that, and not to some other purpose, like the further enrichment of a 0.01% plutocracy?

Perhaps a yearly lottery, by which 5 percent of their patents are declared null, no reasons given, could give these companies more incentives to be on their toes.

Call it a dividend to humanity if you want… in payment for how humanity helped the inventors run the last mile for a patent.