June 19, 2013

To reduce tax dodging, and strengthen democracy, do a full Monty and eliminate corporate taxes altogether.

Sir, John Kay is entirely correct arguing that existent corporate taxation, among other in the G8 has many serious flaws, and so “Don’t blame the havens – tax dodging is everyone else’s fault” June 19. And he presents many well reasoned ideas on how the corporate tax structure could be improved… but perhaps in this case the good might be the enemy of the perfect.

I would instead dare John Kay to think about a full Monty, and eliminate corporate taxes altogether, not only because these all will, sooner or later, at the end of the day, one way or another, end up being paid by citizens, but without allowing for the full tax representation they should have. A zero corporate tax would not only help reduce tax-dodging, but it would also help to strengthen democracy, as less would come between the citizens and their governments.