February 16, 2013

Down with all corporate taxes, these only dilute the citizen’s tax representation.

Sir, I refer to Mr. George Osborne’s, Mr. Pierre Moscovici’s and Wolfgang Schäuble’s “We are determined that multinationals will not avoidtaxes” February 16, and which unfortunately does not seem to imply that the “smaller businesses paying up to 30 per cent” will now be able to pay the 5 per cent the authors indicate multinational pay. 

Yet all corporate taxes will, no doubt, at the end of the day, one way or another, be paid by a citizen somewhere. And therefore that citizen’s payment will occur without the governments being held accountable to that citizen, allowing instead that citizen’s tax-paying-representation powers to be exercised by the corporations. 

Also, since the final real bill for a corporation’s tax might hit someone earning or having absolutely nothing, these corporate taxes can de facto also be extremely regressive. 

I therefore hope the ensuing discussions and determination of this powerful trio, gets to be oriented toward lowering or better yet eliminating all corporate taxes. Of course, a zero corporate tax would imply that all investment income had to be taxed at the same level as all other income. 

Down with corporate taxes! The only ones who should have the right to cover for a government expenses are the citizens, and that right should not be diluted in any way. 

PS. This is not the moment, but if you have time, I would like to refer you to My Tax Paradise, because nothing is more powerful against sinful tax-havens than a virtuous tax heaven.