November 30, 2012

Regulators bully banks, banks bully “The Risky”, and “The Infallible”, they just have a blast.

Sir, Brooke Masters, Claire Jones and Patrick Jenkins report “Big banks’ capital needs under microscope” November 30. 

"Regulators suspect banks have understated possible losses and need a 'material' amount of extra capital"

Of course I favor more capital in the banks, at least for their exposures to ‘The Infallible”, which are seriously under-capitalized as a result of overly generous capital requirements. 

But what regulators must remember is that while different capital requirements for different assets exists, their pressures on banks to increase their capital, will be mostly felt by those who generate the largest capital requirements, namely “The Risky”, like small business and entrepreneurs. 

Regulators bully banks, banks bully “The Risky”, the small businesses and entrepreneurs, and “The Infallible”, sovereigns and triple-A ,they just have a blast getting even more bank funds at even lower interest rates.

PS. Could these type of capital adjustments not trigger the conversion into zero clause of Barclays' recent $3bn contingent capital notes deal?