September 05, 2012

We need solutions not solely based on finance ministers and central-bankers

Sir, Michael Steen reports “All eyes and ears on Draghi over bond proposal” September 5.

Sincerely why should the solution to the current crisis come down exclusively from ministers of finance and central bankers? Especially when it was the bank regulators they appointed who messed it all up? 

Sincerely any solution, without major economic structural changes occurring, among other in bank regulations, will only be kicking the can further up the slippery slope.

We need to think urgently about how for instance manage to channel the private Greek savings, which luckily have not also been lost, into solutions more helpful than the buying of location-location-locations in London. 

On a recent Labor-With-No-Jobs-Day, I speculated about an idea that could be good for Europe, and for America to explore and here below is the link: